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Hy Rib

Hy-Rib is an expanded metal sheet product, specifically developed for use as permanent formwork to concrete. The profile of the open mesh, in combination with the Hy-Rib tangs, allow the development of dense concrete nodules and indents on the face of the Hy-Rib, forming an enhanced mechanical key for the second phase pour. In the case of visible elements, the resulting Hy-Rib surface is suitable to receive a rendered or tiled finish.

Hy-Rib is primarily used in construction joint applications but it is also used to form wall, beam & column surfaces and slabs soffits, where the formed surface will not be seen. For over 80 years Hy-Rib has been successfully used as permanent formwork on innumerable building & infrastructure projects, throughout the world.

Hy-Rib has an enviable portfolio of technical data. Independent bodies have undertaken full scale testing programmes to determine and verify Hy-Rib’s effectiveness in forming construction joints. The result is a product with well defined engineering properties, established formwork pressure characteristics and measured improvements to the joint performance. Hy-Rib is certified for use as permanent formwork by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

ModelThickness (mm)Weight (kg)Width (mm)Length (mm)Rib Height (mm)Rib Distance (mm)
G 0210.211.70450220014 - 2190
G 0230.231.90450220014 - 2190
G 0280.282.35450220014 - 2190
G 0450.453.70450220014 - 2090
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Packing : a) 100 sheets/pallet ; b) 200 sheets/pallet ; c) 500 sheets/pallet