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Lattice Girders

A lattice girder is a type of girder with a criss-crossed web design, such as in gardening lattices, between the two edges of the girder.

It is manufactured using high strength steel wire which provides rigidity to the panel and enables it to bind easily with in-situ concrete which is poured later on site.

They are lightweight and can be easily assembled on uneven floor and wall surfaces with few workers.

The Lattice Girders are used mainly as reinforcement of prefabricated slabs and beams, where concreting is performed in two stages, offering the advantage of avoiding scaffolding and formwork needed in traditional construction. Therefore Lattice Girders are best suited when slab reinforcement is generally light, while at the same time fast and no-formwork construction is needed.

Tolerance Level

+1mm / -3mm+/- 0.10% L < 5.0m+/- 7.5mm+/- 0.5mm+/- 4.5%
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Technical Characteristics

Overall HeightDesign HeightBottom WidthUpper ChordDiagonalsLower ChordPitch of DiagonalsMax LengthOverhanging LengthOverhanging Length
70mm - 350mmH1 + 5mm70mm - 100mm8mmø - 15mmø6mmø6mmø - 12mmø190mm - 210mm12,000mm1mm - 10mm1mm - 10mm
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