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About Us

KIMMU (Group of Companies) is a private company that was founded in 1980 in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia by two best friends who are both from the second generation of manufacturing pioneers in building materials.

From a humble family business, the company has grown into a leading manufacturer in the region, offering high quality products and services in the domestic and international market. The company management team has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting building materials.

KIMMU was set up primarily to manufacture Security Fence Panels, Chain Link Fencing, Barbed Wire and metal works. Years after, the company expanded its production capabilities to produce quality Steel Wire Fabrication (Wire Mesh), Security Fencing, Iron Nails, Coil Nails, Hard Drawn Wire and a wide range of building materials.

Today, KIMMU has established itself to be of the successful manufacturers in the Asian region and the company now also provides custom-made products including Engineering and Furniture Wire mesh and Metal works. The company also marked a significant milestone when it manufactured the first Automatic Wire Mesh Machine in the country.

KIMMU’s Core Values

KIMMU’s business model is built upon its unique core values :

Effective Communication with Trust & Respect

Leveraging on the latest in technologies and to promote effective communication in the workplace, KIMMU encourages its employees to use communication apps (WhatsApp and Skype) and social media for problem solving, group discussion, sales meeting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Employees are encouraged to build trust and respect through open communication and this is instilled on the first day they join KIMMU.

Teamwork with Responsibility & Flexibility

KIMMU encourages employees to work as a team and believes that there is no one and only rule to solve different problems at all times. The company believes in empowerment and offers flexibility because it is the belief of the management that great ideas are birth through team work and this will result in greater efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

KIMMU continuously seeks to improve all aspects of the company, not only in the aspect of production but also the company’s management. The company has invested millions in new technology and also the most advance machinery in order to improve product quality and the efficiency of production. The company has not only upgraded its hardware but also has implemented a software Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) which integrates the production and sales, making the entire management system quicker and seamless.

Highest Quality

KIMMU places high importance on quality of its products. The company places stringent controls over all processes to ensure that its products meet world class standards.

Goal Driven

KIMMU’s management team is helmed by a group of young and passionate personnel, aged between 20-40 years. To propel the company to great heights, KIMMU’s dynamic team is constantly thinking of innovative ways to deliver world class products and customer experience. The team is committed to set quarterly and yearly goals to align all employees towards the same vision.

KIMMU’s Mission & Vision


To enhance the quality of building materials and to help customers in their project development by providing professional product consultation and introducing new and innovative products.


To become the global partner in building materials and to be one of the best employers by providing greater learning opportunities and benefits to our employees.

Our Group of Companies


KIMMU Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (1115367-M)
KIMMU Industries Sdn. Bhd. (1115360-w)
KIMMU Trading Sdn. Bhd. (923027-P)
KIMMU Trading (Selangor) Sdn. Bhd. (966173-T)
KIMSIN Resources Sdn. Bhd. (1134456-X)


GREAT SINGA Pte. Ltd. (201434427 K)