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What is CWS 100?

CWS100 is a biochemically modified sodium silicate, in liquid concentrate form, which is sprayed onto cured concrete. It forms a barrier inside the top 15-20mm of concrete which waterproofs and protects the concrete for the design life of structure. It is sprayed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

How CWS 100 Works?

CWS100 reacts with calcium and water, to form an insoluble gel that seals static cracks in the concrete up to 2.2mm (0.087″) and, when used with concrete mixes that do not contain type F fly ash, it will remain reactive in the concrete to seal future hairline cracks in the presence of water.

Unlike waterproofing membranes which typically last for 10-20 years before requiring a disruptive and expensive replacement, CWS100 is ONCE ONLY WATERPROOFING that will continue to waterproof for the entire life of the project.

Where to Use it?

Because of its ability to withstand thermal stress and its super-fast application CWS100 is generally suitable for exposed concrete such as:

  • Rooftops and podium decks
  • Wharfs and marine structures
  • Bridge decks
  • Landscaped areas
  • Pre-cast panels
  • Water tanks
  • Car parks
  • Swimming pools

Why CWS 100?

Owner / Developer

  • Once only application that waterproofs for 100 years+
  • No future re-application
  • No future maintenance cost
  • No leakage
  • Economical
  • Super-fast application ensures the project starts to operate earlier, bringing profit to the owner


  • Proven technology
  • Design flexibility
  • Saves $$$
  • Earn LEED/BCA points
  • Worldwide technical support

Main Contractor

  • Super-fast application: Up to 6.000m² by one person in one day
  • No screed. Saves times and $$$
  • One coat application
  • Trafficable 6 hours after application
  • VERY Contractor-friendly

We are not just offering you a product; we are giving you a result: a LEAK FREE PROJECT.

Project Reference

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