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Public Pro FIX LOCK Cattle Fencing

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Public Pro® FIX LOCK is renowned worldwide as being able to withstand pressure that would otherwise destroy hinged joint and ring joint fences.

With high tensile line wires and one piece vertical wires joined with the unique fixed knot, Public Pro® FIX LOCK boasts maximum resistance to impact damage. Manufactured using premium quality heavy galvanised wire, you can be assured that your Public Pro® FIX LOCK will be ‘Stronger for Longer’.

Public Pro® FIX LOCK is used in areas with significant vermin presence and by discerning landowners who believe in building fences right the first time.

Public Pro® FIX LOCK provides:

  • Longevity – Erosion controller high quality heavy galvanised coating offer longer product life.
  • Strength – Solid vertical knot design eliminates the risk of the vertical wires slipping combine with high tensile wire provide extra rigidity and strength.
  • Durability – Constructed with fixed knot and solid wire designed to last longer and withstand extreme vermin pressure.