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Gabion & Mattress

United Gabion Mattress

United Gabion Mattress or revet mattress is a special form of gabion with plan areas greater than its thickness. Fabricated from heavily galvanized with PVC coated double twisted hexagonal wire mesh, United Gabion Mattress provides protection against forces of water such as rainfall-induced erosion on slope surface or moving water on the riverbank.

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TypeGalvanizedPVC Coated
Mesh Spacing (mm)60 x 80
80 x 100
Wire Diameter (mm)2.2I/D: 2.2 O/D: 3.3
I/D: 2.7 O/D: 3.8
Selvedge Wire Diameter (mm)2.7I/D: 3.0
O/D: 4.0
FinishingHeavy Galvanized WirePVC Coated Heavily Galvanized Wire
Standard Size
Length x Height x Width
6m x 2m x 0.5m
6m x 2m x 0.3m
6m x 2m x 0.23m
3m x 2m x 0.3m
3m x 2m x 0.23m
6m x 2m x 0.17m
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