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Steel Fiber

Bekaert Dramix® 5D Steel Fibers

Thanks to their unique shape and capabilities, the Dramix® 5D steel fibers provide performance levels which until now could only be realized with traditional reinforcement.

Unique steel fibre design
The Dramix® 5D steel fibers present a unique combination of a perfectly shaped hook, a high ductility wire, and ultra high tensile strength. The Dramix® 5D steel fibers are shaped to form a perfect anchor, keeping the fiber firmly in place inside the concrete. Under tension, the wire is elongated, providing ductility on the same principle as traditional reinforcement steel.

Heavier loads, longer spans
Its outstanding performance in concrete makes the Dramix® 5D the perfect solution for reinforcing structural applications, including foundation slabs, rafts, and even suspended structures.

For the most demanding conditions
The Dramix® 5D steel fibers offer excellent performance throughout the years – even in the most demanding applications and in the most difficult circumstances.
No limits to your creativity
The Dramix® 5D steel fibers push back the boundaries of what was thought possible with steel fiber reinforcement, opening up new possibilities to “create” with concrete.


  • Heavier loads, longer spans
  • For the most demanding environments
  • No limits to your creativity
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