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Barbed Wire

Public Pro™ Reverse Twist Barbed Wire

Public Pro™ series reverse twist barbed wire is fabricated with high-tensile steel wire or mild steel wire, formed from reverse twisted wire strands interspersed 4-point barbs. Standard barb spacing is 5 inches, but 4 inch spacing is available and makes this barbed wire the perfect tool for securing your property as well as your livestock.

Specially engineered for Australia market with high quality standard, Public Pro™ offer two variants for different circumstances – High Tensile & Standard wire.


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Public Pro™ High Tensile Barbed Wire

High Tensile Wire – Peak Performance Strength

Enhanced with extra carbon content, high tensile wire is THREE TIMES stronger than the standard wire variant.

Heavy Galvanized Coating – Prolonged Durability & Protection

Public Pro heavy galvanized coating is FOUR TIMES the coat weight of the industry standard for standard coating.

When you choose Public Pro™ High Tensile you get not only the industry leading quality but also great value:

  • Less sagging
  • Less pre-stretching required
  • Less supporting post
  • Durable and tough
  • Save time and money – Low maintenance required

Public Pro™ Standard Barbed Wire

The standard variant is the baseline barbed wire for good economical alternative when you just need them for everyday use.

  • Highly flexible
  • Some sag and stretch over time
  • Economical choice for budget setting

SeriesHi TensileStandard
Wire MaterialHigh Tensile WireStandard Wire
Wire Diameter1.6mm1.6mm
Tensile Strength1000 - 1200 N/mm2350 - 400 N/mm2
CoatingHeavy Galvanized (280 gsm)Standard Galvanized (50 gsm)
Barb TypeReversed TwistReversed Twist
Barbed Point44
Barb Length12mm20mm
Barb Spacing4"5"
Weight (roll) +/- 0.5kg22kg5kg
Length (roll) 500 meters100 meters
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